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Young Professional Believers is a Ministry that is dedicated to building up Kingdom Entrepeneur's and Kingdom businesses. These businesses seek to bless the people of God and bring Glory to Jesus Christ through excellent service. Members of YPB are trained in the principle of pure hearted servanthood. They thrive to please God by producing in the earth realm using their God Giving gifts, talents, and abilities. 
Below is a directory with all of the current functioning businesses within Divine Glory Ministries, INC. If you desire to contact any of these businesses for services, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Ask Associates

Executive Consultant: Tiffany Martin 

Service Provided: 

ASK Associates provides administrative services to new and existing organizations such as copyright, 501c3 registration, book editing, sales tax and book publishing and LLC registration. 


BLB Productions, LLC


Owner: Bryant L. Parker

Date Founded: 1/2021

Service Provided: 

BLP Productions creates content to aid in

uniting and enhancing man's devotion with

Jesus Christ. 

The Burden Lifted Project

Founder: Tiffany Martin

Date Founded: 2021

Service Provided: 

The Burden Lifted Project exists to eliminate and minimize debt from education related costs. 

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Esteem Beauty, LLC

Owner: Shaarne Morris

Date Founded: 04/22/2022

Services provided: Beauty services such as natural hair care, hair washing, styling, and extension installations. 


Owner and Operator: Brittany Payne-Bruce

Date Founded: 05/19/2020

Service Provided: 

Mental Health Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families, Mental Health Consulting and Educational and Informational 

Forums and Panels regarding mental health.

Haven for Healing, Wellness and Restoration, LLC


The Liberation Agency, LLC

Owner: Shana Parker

Date Founded: 5/25/2020

Service Provided: 

The vision of the Liberation, LLC Agency seeks to provide diverse resources to all humanity. We believe that Jesus Christ released redemptive gifts into the earth, and it is our responsibility to mobilize these gifts through the spirit of wisdom, in a way that these gifts can be utilized towards the full restoration of mankind.


Therefore, we will take a unorthodox approach in providing the wisdom needed to create forward movement without compromising biblical principles. We will provide graphic, consultations, fitness,  flyers, logos, and creative consultations, & long-term planning consultations through the manual expressing the wisdom of God unto the mobility of his gifts. Through producing books, training material, and much more we will play an intricate role in releasing the gift to the nation.

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Sheena's Wellness Center For Nails

Owner and Manager: Sheena Thomas

Date Founded: 01/25/2021

Service Provided: 

Manicures, pedicures, Nail enhancements, Nail and feet custom made products

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A Trinity Production, LLC

Owner: Brandi Hudson

Date Founded: 03/22/2021

Service Provided: 

I provide a custom made to order experiences, by designing t-shirts, cups, keychains, pens, and more, using creativity in each design.

Temple Care

Owner: Tatijana Simmons

Date Founded: 10/2020

Service Provided: 

Temple care provides natural homemade bar soaps, hand soap, lip balm, and hair oil to the local community. 

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Monument, the Legacy, LLC

Owner: Kemisha Williams

Date Founded: 07/08/2021

Service Provided: 

Customizable stretching packages for all ages and fitness levels.

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