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Van Compliance Audit

Van Compliance Audit

Front View Compliance Check Recommendations:

Red Light: Does the van practice braking in time when approaching a yellow/red light?
Does the van practice coming to a complete stop?
Switching Lanes: Does the van switch lanes safely?
Braking: Does the van driver brake properly ensuring there are no abrupt stops?
Speed Limit Adherence: is the driver following speed limit in the van?

Rear View Compliance Check:

Driver: Is the Van Driver being attentive to the road and not distracted by conversation, or other van activity?
Van Aid: Is the Van Aid assisting with directions and not on cellphone exception of contacting persons that will be transported?
Van Aid: Is the Van Aid Supervising children when Youth Van Aid is gathering children at the next stop?
Van Aid: Is the Van Aid ensuring there are no interactions in volume or playing that may present a distraction from the Driver or harm to a passenger?
Van Aid: Did the Van Aid verify that seat belts were secured on passengers?
Youth Van Aid: Is the Youth Van Aid getting off the van to get children or return children home?
Youth Van Aid: Is the Youth Van Aid communicating with the youth?

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