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MJC Ministries

MJC Ministries was established under the leadership of Apostle Melinda Jones Sutton, a dedicated advocate, visionary, leader, and kingdom architect. She is also a prolific author, having authored four books, and remains committed to producing content that will positively impact the lives of God's people.


We exist to encourage, empower, and equip individuals towards righteous living and fulfillment of purpose through the teaching and promotion of Christian principles.


MJC, Ministries utilizes forms of media, product development, and personal and corporate contact to provide essential tools, insight and application to facilitate excellence through purposeful and righteous living. 

MJC Ministries, LLC. is excited to serve the community with quality services that will change lives and impact the world. Through the facilitation of leadership trainings, conferences, and revivals, MJC Ministries will equip and empower others towards purposeful living.
Workshops and Conference Topics include:
  • Leadership Keys
  • Praying and Fasting
  • Ministry Training
  • Effective Communication
  • Family Fundamentals
  • Discipleship...and more


To learn more about MJC Ministries, click the link below. 

Uniting the
Kingdom International

Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton embarked on his walk with God on June 19, 1984. On that day he was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost where he was a member of "Holy Temple Church of Christ". 

Since then, he has been steadfastly committed to fostering cultural unity through the transformative power of the Gospel message. Presently, Chief Apostle presides over Uniting the Kingdom International Ministries, with a presence in numerous states across the county, as well as in Jamaica, United Kingdom, India, Canada, and Trinidad. Additionally, he serves as the Overseer of Divine Glory Ministries, Inc., situated in Tallahassee, Florida.


To learn more about Uniting the Kingdom International Ministries, click the link below. 

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Global Empowerment Enrichment Ministries

Global Empowerment Enrichment Ministries has an official group page located on Facebook.  

The Global Empowerment Enrichment Ministries group was created with the purpose of ensuring that everyone remains updated on the growth and development of both our global partners and international ministries, spanning various states and countries.

To join the official Facebook Page and learn more about Global Empowerment Enrichment Ministries, click the link below.

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