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Apostle Melinda J. Sutton, D.D., Founder



Apostle Melinda J. Sutton is the Founder of Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. She is the wife of Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton, a mother, and grandmother. Melinda’s desire is solely to love God, serve his people, and change lives through the gospel. She has experienced many life-altering circumstances including receiving a medical prognosis and ministry partners walking away from their assignment; yet allowed her fears and disappointments to face the Word of God. Her heart's cry has been “I just want to do ministry." Anyone who has encountered her will know that she genuinely loves people, she will give her last to others in need, and she will preach the uncompromised gospel unapologetically. 

Apostle Melinda J. Sutton was raised in Malone, Florida where she learned the fundamentals of Christianity. Years later, she moved to Bradenton, Florida and joined Bethlehem Baptist Church in Sarasota under the leadership of Rev. Patrick A. Miller who became her spiritual father. While there, Melinda served in many auxiliaries and was prepared for a greater work to minister the gospel. It was there that she became intimately acquainted with the struggle of people of different backgrounds to believe God’s word.

In 2005, God led Melinda to Tallahassee, Florida where she served as a collegiate director. In 2007, Rev. Patrick A. Miller established Melinda as the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church of Tallahassee (B.B.C.T), known today as Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. (D.G.M). One of her greatest accomplishments is having trained a group of college students to live according to God’s word in such a secular society. Many of these same students have become devoted and comprehensive believers. She has experienced the scrutiny of many leaders because of her stance, “For God I live and for God I die” and her ability to persevere in a male dominated position.

On October 18, 2020, Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton reaffirmed Apostle Melinda J. Sutton and accepted the call and responsibility of being Overseer of Divine Glory Ministries, Inc.

In November of 2020, she married Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton, “Her King." She continues to Pastor Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. while raising up qualified believers to lead the people of God. In addition, she is the Vice Presider of Global Enrichment Ministries, United Kingdom International Ministries, and Global Regional Conference Coordinators, alongside her husband. 

Melinda is the author of “The Power of Prayer: Believing for a Transformed Life” and “From Him, Through Me, To You”. With her third literary work on the horizon, she is allowing her gift to reach many nations and aspires to preach the gospel to all ends of the earth.


Covenant Bible College and Seminary

Associate of Science, Theology


Tallahassee, FL 

License and Ordination

Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel


Tallahassee, FL

Licensed as a Minister of the Gospel


Bradenton, FL

Certified as a Missionary


Bradenton, FL

​Education Cont.

Leadership Experience
Bethlehem Baptist Church of Tallahassee

2007 - present

Tallahassee, FL


Campus Ministry FAMU


Tallahassee, FL

Ministry Coordinator

Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church    


Tallahassee, FL

Collegiate Ministry Coordinator

Uniting The Kingdom International


1st Vice International Presider

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