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The Administration Ministry exists to ensure that the church and its ministries function according to the mission and vision thereby providing resources needed to be successful. This ministry accomplishes its goals through prayer, delegation of tasks, collaboration with ministry leaders, and individuals within the community. 


Ministry Highlights: 

  • We have partnered with 3 local schools to meet the needs of the children and families within our community. 

  • We began developing 3 projects known as the Talent Show, Manna Market, and Accelerate Program to assist members of the ministry and community financially, academically, and socially. 

  • We organize annual community fundraisers for each ministry to obtain their goals. 


The Transportation Ministry exists to transport members and visitors to and from the house of worship. At pickup, members and visitors get their first glimpse at the atmosphere of love and care that we display to all visitors and members. It is an opportunity to build lasting relationships in an intimate environment during the ride.


Ministry Highlights: 

  • The Transportation Ministry members were willing to exemplify extraordinary service by using their personal cars until we purchased a used van 7 years ago. 

  • The Transportation Ministry received a new van in 2016 with a customized logo. 

  • Youth and visitors have raved about the impeccable service they received while being transported to and from services. 

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Collegiate Evangelism

The Collegiate Evangelism Ministry exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in truth through love. The Collegiate Evangelism Ministry engages college students of different races, ethnicities, creeds, beliefs, and cultures in a way that they can see the love of Jesus Christ and desire to come together for the same cause. They engage in weekly evangelism on local college campuses to promote salvation and consistent fellowship with the Collegiate community.


Ministry Highlights: 

  • The Collegiate Evangelism Ministry has significantly added to the number of members and visitors of the church. 

  • The Collegiate Evangelism Ministry exemplifies its care for those they have met on campuses by developing quality relationships with them and offering holistic support when needed. 

  • The Collegiate Evangelism Ministry has contributed to many members being saved, committing to Christian fellowship, and developing an intimate relationship with Christ. 


The Media Ministry exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by way of using innovative technology and various social media platforms. The media ministry has added creativity and style to our social media websites and captures the essence of what we believe in as corporate body. The media ministry captures moments of worship, sermons, and community-based activities at Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. using cameras and video recorders. 

Ministry Highlights: 

  • The members of the Media Ministry have taught themselves how to master their crafts in editing software, thereby creating flyers and programs for events and special services. 

  • The Media Ministry maintains new and creative content on social media. 

  • The Media Ministry consistently advertises audio recorded sermons for members and visitors to purchase. 

Sunday School

The Sunday School Ministry exists to teach the people of God how to apply God’s word in their daily lives through analogies, discussions, assignments, ice breakers, and small groups. Sunday school students are encouraged to study their lessons and give a testament of how they have applied the lesson throughout their week. The lessons are designed to reveal the character of God through his word thereby empowering others to live out God’s creativity and purpose for their lives. 

Ministry Highlights: 

  • Sunday School members and visitors range from young adults to elders. Individuals have an array of life experience and testimonies to share with the class. 

  • Sunday School members are provided studying materials to help them explore the depths of each Sunday school lesson in their personal time. 

  • Sunday school members and visitors are provided ample opportunities to ask questions, comment on their experiences, and receive encouragement or redirection. 


The Doorkeeper Ministry exists to maintain, watch, pray and guard over the House of God. Each doorkeeper will position themselves to effectively serve through constantly seeking the presence of God to remain in agreement with His will. Doorkeepers serve with authority and power through faithfully addressing any issues that may disrupt or corrupt the church and destroy its witness. The doorkeepers pray before services and ensures that the sanctuary and entire church has the supplies needed to serve the congregation. 


Ministry Highlights: 

  • The doorkeepers wear a uniform except for dress down times which alerts visitors of who they should address any concerns or needs to. 

  • The doorkeepers maintain the order of service and ensure that no one is interrupted from seeking the lord during altar call and times of prayer.

  • The doorkeepers have been responsible for spearheading fellowship events for members of the church and community. 

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Children's Church

The Children’s Church Ministry exists to teach all youth to know and follow Christ. Youth leaders utilize prayer and teamwork to prepare weekly lessons that will challenge the youth to grow in their understanding of God's word. Analogies, games, and real-life examples are used to capture their attention and help them identify how to apply it in their individual lifestyles. The youth are provided food, entertainment, transportation, and a safe environment to be themselves. 

Ministry Highlights: 

  • Our youth engage in personal evangelism which contributes to a large amount of our attendees. 

  • The youth partake in serving in different auxiliaries due to their own eagerness to lend a helping hand and engage in worship. 

  • The youth leaders serve as positive role models and encourage the youth in their spiritual walk. 


The Music Ministry exists to minister the Word of God through song. The Music Ministry engages in transparent spontaneous worship to usher the congregation into God's presence thereby creating an atmosphere for repentance, healing, and deliverance. The Music Ministry spends time in rehearsal to engage in the presence of God as a collective body. The Music Ministry uses various instruments to worship Jesus Christ and engage the congregation in corporate worship that result in corporate change. 


Ministry Highlights: 

  • The Music Ministry teaches Children’s Church youth how to develop their spiritual gifts and play instruments to worship Jesus Christ. 

  • The Music Ministry travels to various places in the community to minister in song to people of different ages, race, creeds, and religions to share the gospel. 

  • The Music Ministry hosts two annual events which consists of Christmas caroling and a Gospel concert.