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Apostolic Covering Covenant

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About ACC 

Who we are?

Divine Glory Ministries Inc-Apostolic Covering Covenant is a spiritual covering and covenant for men and women of God. We seek to onboard by the leading of the Holy Spirit, lead-clergy who agree to do the will of God. We will embrace churches regardless of their denomination that will submit to the apostolic leading and governance entrusted in Apostle Melinda Jones Sutton. We provide protection, pro-visionary teachings, resources, and guidance for the purpose of furthering the Gospel.

What we do...

Apostle Melinda Jones Sutton serves as the principal lead-Apostle over this covenant partnership with Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton. Through the grace of God, she will work closely with leaders who submit to her apostolic leadership, providing spiritual covering in the form of protection and provision to them-both personally and vocationally. 

What we offer...

There are 2 Apostolic Covering Tiers (Tier 1 and Tier 2) both tiers have specific membership protections, provisions, and expectations.

For more information...

For additional information please email and request an information packet.  

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